Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Wuz Robbed!

The website Baby Rabies had a contest for best photo of an elf on the shelf doing inappropriate things. I submitted a picture of me kidnapping Snow White. (I thought I could get a good ransom from her supposed prince, but he had already moved on some chick named "Cindy Ella." Whatever.)

Well, after conducting a poll, the top 3 elves in voting, as well as 8 others selected by the Rabid Baby blogger were sent to the finals. Guess where I ranked in voting? Out of 110 elves, where do you think I placed?

#4. Of course.

Despite falling short, surely the blogger would recognize how bad-ass I am, and give me one of the 8 other sports. Nope.

That's it, I'm pissed. I'm totally going to tell that blogger's kids that's there is no Santa.


the creepy elf

(This post was completely written by the creepy elf, and doesn't reflect the opinions of the family with whom he resides.)

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