Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grand Finale

After the household crime spree, Sheriff Woody arrests the creepy elf.

The creepy elf has a right to an attorney. Unfortunately, even the lawyer is creeped out by the elf on a shelf.

Justice is served! The creepy elf is sentenced to one year solitary confinement in a maximum security cardboard box. The creepy elf struggles fruitlessly agains the combined might of Superman and Batman, while a heartbroken Barbie looks on, silently wondering why she always falls for bad men. The creepy elf shall be sealed inside the box, and buried amongst all the other Christmas crap in the basement, where he will await his eventual release next holiday season.

Unless the basement floods. Then his soggy little ass is getting thrown away.

Merry Christmas everybody! We hope the creepy elf has brought some joy to your holiday season.

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